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In some cases it is not possible to save a tooth and an extraction is required. We ensure a painless extraction for all patients and specialise in treating nervous patients.

Why an Extraction?

Severe damage to the gums may necessitate an extraction. As the gum disease gets worse, the tooth loses the support of the surrounding bone and becomes loose. The gums can no longer hold it in place.

Teeth may need to be extracted for orthodontic reasons to create space to line up teeth properly. When teeth are very short of space or over crowded it can be necessary to recommend the removal of one or more teeth to allow the others to fit in.

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Wisdom Teeth

We also treat troublesome wisdom teeth, as well as impacted/buried teeth and roots.
Many general dental practitioners refer patients to a Specialist for these procedures as wisdom teeth that are impacted can often lie close to vital facial nerves. They are carried
out under local anaesthetic.



Impacted lower wisdom teeth

All Surgical Extractions are fully tax deductible








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