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Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics is the study and expertise relating to the inside of the tooth. The pulp
(inside of the tooth) is very sensitive and can be subjected to biting/grinding, bacteria
from dental decay or fracture of a tooth structure. These can lead to exposure of the
very sensitive nerves and blood vessels of the pulp, inflammation, infection and
abscess formation. All of these will result in varying degrees of pain.

In the early stages of irritation and inflammation the tooth is sensitive to heat
and/or cold and the pulp can be saved by relatively uncomplicated treatment.



Once severe inflammation or infection sets in the only treatment is to remove the
diseased tissue with small delicate files, at the same time cleaning and shaping
the root canal system, flushing out the debris and applying specialised medicaments
to kill the bacteria. After this the canal must be completely sealed to prevent recurrence
of bacterial invasion. It is important that the tooth is restored with a Filling, Onlay or
Crown as soon as possible after completion of the root treatment. Leaving the infection
will cause a lot of pain and could be dangerous when it spreads beyond the local tissues.

We do our upmost to ensure that the treatment is as pain free as possible. We are skilled at treating nervous patients and making the process as comfortable as possible. Root canal treatments involve local anaesthetic. Most cases also require two courses of treatment.

All Root Canal Treatments are fully tax deductible.




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