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Smile Centre


At JME Dental, it is our goal to ensure our customers have a smile they can be proud of. Our Smile Centre helps people achieve this smile through regular check ups, cleaning, dietary and oral hygiene advice and, in certain cases, treatments such as orthodontics, veneers, bridges and crowns.


We recommend that customers return for a check up every 6 months at the latest. Through this routine check ups we can ensure your teeth are regularly cleaned and any problems are spotted in time. Regular dental check-ups can identify any problems or early warning signs of gum disease, cavities or impacted wisdom teeth. We also provide Fluoride Treatments and Fissure Sealants to help prevent decay and treat early decay more conservatively.


We provide our customers with all dietary advice required to ensure that your teeth stay strong and clean. We will also advice on oral hygiene. In particular, we will recommend a tooth brush and tooth paste subject to the strength and sensitivity of your teeth and gums. We will also correct any brushing mistakes that you may have picked up over time and also ensure that you are able to floss all of your teeth in the correct manner.


Brushing and flossing, although vitally important, will not always ensure a strong smile of white, straight teeth. Teeth can become discoloured through smoking, coffee and certain foods. Teeth whitening has become extremely popular over the past several years. It is a great way to improve your appearance; it is reasonably priced; non-surgical; and non-invasive. We offer home whitening kits  and also offer laser whitening in our dental clinics.


Your teeth may be white but not have the desired aesthetics or straightness you would like. For this reason, we offer cosmetic dental surgery to round out your smile. Orthodontic treatment is available for correcting ‘crooked smiles.’ At JME Dental, we offer the innovative 'ClearStep' braces system which is the perfect solution to achieving a beautiful smile invisibly. The ClearStep braces are highly comfortable, do not impact on your speech and more importantly they are removable so you can continue to enjoy a full range of your favourite foods and most importantly can still fully brush and floss.


Reshaping of crooked or spaced teeth is also possible by strategically placed fillings and adjustments. Veneers are used to modify the colour, size, shape and position of a tooth and in doing so create a beautiful result. Bridges are units of false teeth that are fixed to the remaining natural teeth to fill a gap. Crowns are caps made to fit over an existing tooth. Usually they are put in to protect weak fillings or cover up broken or discoloured teeth. 


Another treatment we offer at JME Dental is dentures. Dentures remain a cost effective method of replacing a number of missing teeth or a full set by providing the patient with a removable appliance. Dentures can provide patients with reliable biting and chewing function and acceptable appearance.

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