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Family Dental Centre

With You Every Step of the Way

Our Family Dental Centre is committed to providing a high standard of dental care for you and your family in a caring and comfortable environment. At JME Dental, we aim to accompany you all of the way from childhood to adulthood with all of the dental care you will need during that time. It is important to us that we know our customers so that we can offer them the best available treatment and make sure that the dentist is not a place they are anxious of or afraid to visit. It is our mission to guide customers along their dental journeys throughout life ensuring their teeth and jaw structures progress as they should throughout their development.


From Childhood to Adulthood

A dentist’s chair isn’t the most appealing place for children so we do our upmost to ensure the child feels that they are in a comfortable place. Upon arrival at our dental clinics children are made to feel at home in our waiting room with a wide range of toys and books. Following a chat in the waiting room we will enter the surgery, introducing it gently and there we will examine your child’s teeth. If your child is happy sit on the dental chair we can check the teeth there, but if not we can look at the teeth sitting on your knee or a normal chair.


We will  determine during examination how best to approach treatment to ensure your child manages well. Usually children will only require a caring and slow approach to the dental setting to gain confidence and not be afraid of visiting the dentist. Young or highly anxious children may sometimes require a different approach – we will discuss all these  options in detail before a plan is decided upon.


At JME Dental, we have 40 years of experience treating customers with all of their dental needs from childhood to adulthood including regular check ups to orthodontics and fillings. See our full list of treatments here: (link to treatments page).


Children of Existing Customers

Visiting a dental clinic can be a stressful occasion for a child. For this reason it is usually recommended that a child visits the same dental clinic as their parent(s) visits. The parents will be more comfortable and relaxed in a familiar setting which has a knock on effect on the child. At JME Dental, we offer special prices to children whose parents are existing customers:


Children under 6:  50% Discount

Children under 12:  30% Discount

Up to 18 & Students:  20% Discount


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